PAREX 121 Dry Hi Basecoat & Adhesive 50 LB Bag

PAREX 121 Dry Hi Basecoat & Adhesive 50 LB Bag

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A premium base coat and adhesive for Parex CI. Fortified with unique raw materials for increased impact and puncture resistance. Helps achieve higher EIMA/ASTM impact classifications. Applied without the addition of cement. Mixed on-site with water. Improved workability.
As an Adhesive:
5/16” notched trowel: 130-145
5/8” notched trowel: 80-95
1/2” notched trowel:135-150
As a Base Coat

Standard mesh: 105-125
Intermediate Mesh: 70-90
  • EPS adhesive for the following substrates: Exterior grade gypsum sheathing, Glass mat gypsum sheathing, Masonry, concrete and cement board, EPS, Parex USA WeatherSeal Spray & Roll-On and WeatherSeal Trowel-On Water Resistive Barrier Coatings
  • Basecoat for Parex NuTech and other architectural coatings and finishes (ACF).
  • Leveler and filler for masonry, concrete, stucco surfaces. For this application only, 121 Dry Bascoat & Adhesive can be built up to 1/4 in. (6 mm) thick in a single pass.



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